About us

Motodrom has been offering models and accessories for slot racing for almost 30 years. Our focus is on the small scale, which was shaped by the two manufacturers Aurora and Faller in the 1960s. We describe this scale with the specification “1/64”. The focus of our offer are the Bauer models, which we manufacture and sell ourselves. With heart and soul, these models are created in small series, which are characterized by a lot of manual work.

Our products differ positively from mass-produced articles, including China, in all respects.

It was in 1992 when the idea was born to manufacture 1/64 scale slot cars. In these almost 30 years, over 300 different model variants have been created.

We have been making these models by hand since the beginning. However, the manufacturing methods have constantly improved. And a network of specialists has emerged, all of whom take part in the creation of the models with passion and great skill. In the past, the master models were literally created by hand from nothing. Pictures or models in 1/43 scale were the only orientation for the model builder. Today new models are created in CAD software. Both methods need a specialist with a great feeling for shapes. Marian Hrabcàk is a true artist and shows his skills on the new Volvo Amazon station wagon.

Today, the bodies are no longer painted, but produced in color. Thomas Littke masters this type of production in small series like no other. Real world class!

The visual effect of the models is improved by means of pad printing and decals. This graphic work requires very precise work, which Reimund Mikutta from MGI has mastered perfectly.

The sum of these individual skills makes a Bauer model!