Second batch sold out already

Next batch available next week

What happens when crazy guys are realizing a convertible as a 1/64 slotcar?

The new MGB Roadster from Bauer out of our own production

There has never anything like that!

Realized with incredible effort and great passion

Hand-painted driver

Highly detailed front

Inset rear lights + fuel filler cap

A new level of detailing of 1/64 slotcars has been taken!

Very dainty (2.2 inch long only, super flat)

Comparison of the MGB Raodster with an Aurora Corvette

Despite the small engine, the MGB has very good handling characteristics, as it is light and has good tires

Totally Made in Germany

Ultra Low Chassis

T-Jet 1/64 long


Novelty #7003 NSU TT "Jaegermeister" in stock now

We have replenished our stocks of the popular Ford GT40 models

And added more exciting items to the range::

Race Set "Infinity" now available again

New: Race Set "Super Cars"

Starter Sets as bundles at an entry-level price

Starter Set Bundles:

500 22033B3-220V  AFX Set "Infinity" + Track Pack + 220V power pack with 3 levels, you save EUR 37,90

500 22033B1-220V  AFX Set "Infinity" + NSU TT Spiess + NSU TT Jaegermeister + 220V power pack with 3 levels, you save EUR 67,90


Available now

65 Chevy Impala SS

66 Dodge Charger

Now available again

New releases of all B4Slot brands